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June, 2024

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Bring your questions and concerns; we can all learn from them!
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The second class for beginner Beekeepers is a hive inspection.
You will be in a small group working with an Apprentice or Journey Master Beekeeper.
Be sure to bring your Beekeeping Jacket or suit and veil to the class. If you have gloves bring them too.
All are welcome to register for the class. However, priority will go to MDBA beginner beekeepers who completed the Beginner Beekeeper Class 1.
You will learn and practice:
• safely lighting a smoker
• approaching a hive and observing the bees
• how to use a hive tool
• how to inspect a colony
• recognize the caste of honeybees in the hive
• name and recognize how bees organize a frame of brood
• observe how bees organize their colony
• perform a varroa mite test

There will be a discussion about Varroa life cycle, fomites, and how to clean your tools.
There will be a discussion/practice about Queen cages and how to install a Queen.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from MDBA.
On Tuesday or Wednesday before the class, you will receive a welcome email with more information you will need to know and bring. Don‘t forget your beekeeping jacket and veil.

Pleasant Hill Community Center
7:00 PM
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MDBA General Meeting (Thursday, June 13th, 2024). This is our sixth General Meeting of 2024! Our General Membership meetings occur every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7PM to 9PM, doors open at 6:30PM. Come early to chat, meet beekeepers and find out about our bee club. Our meeting will be at the Pleasant Hill Community Center Pavilion where we will welcome our beekeepers back and meet new members of our bee club! Major Branzel will be joining us as our guest speaker. He‘s been beekeeping for nearly 30 years and has a passion to share his expertise of beekeeping with others. His presentation is titled, "Easy Peasy Queens, How To Eliminate Swarms, And How To Make More Honey"!
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Date: Saturday, June 15th

Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Title: Beehive Deep Dive / Regional Group Meeting (Live … In Person, At The Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center!)
Address: 3932 Mount Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549

Register online by logging-in to the website, clicking on “Event Calendar”, click on the June 15th Beehive Deep Dive & Learn event link, and then the “Register Now” button (on the right side of the webpage). Please note, you must be logged-in to the MDBA website under your account ("Member Login") to complete attendance registration.
Please park at the far east end of the parking lot.
If you have any problems or need any assistance, please email Roger Billeci -

Mark your calendar and bring your questions! Member Education invites you to participate “live” on Saturday, June 15th, at 12:00PM to kick off the fourth Beehive Deep Dive & Learn session of the 2024 beekeeping season! Hosted by experienced MDBA beekeepers, this is your opportunity to learn “in person”:

How to assess your colonies’ growth to manage swarms.
What is a split and how do I split my colony?
How to assess your colonies’ to see if they’re ready for harvesting honey.
What treatment techniques can be used to stay ahead of the varroa mite?
Describe concerns / seek advice re: your colonies in early summer.
Discuss important steps that can be taken to prepare your colonies for summer.

Special focus will be on new (years 1 - 4) beekeepers getting started. This Beehive Deep Dive & Learn session will examine what‘s happening in MDBAs community hives to assist you in managing your colonies as we head into the summer months! Remember: there is no stupid question when it comes to beekeeping! It‘s a continual learning process.