Membership in MDBA not only provides exclusive benefits, but it is another way you can promote beekeeping in our region and educate the public about the vital role of bees in our environment. Membership dues are $20 per individual. Your membership dues payment is for the calendar year for which you enroll. Membership is free (non-voting) for students age 18 years and under. Students must sign up in person at an MDBA meeting.

Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly meetings with speakers (do not need to be a member to attend)
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Bee Day/Spring WorkshopAccess to package bee orders
  • Subscription to The Diablo Bee newsletter (classified ads free to members)
  • Invitations to participate in beekeeping events
  • Mentor program
  • Focus groups
  • Opportunity to join the Swarm List
  • Lending library with over 100 beekeeping titles, including DVD’s
  • Equipment rentals
  • Gala BBQ in October
  • Voting privileges and volunteer opportunities
  • Being part of a vibrant community of beekeepers

Join MDBA or Renew Your Membership

Membership offers hands-on beekeeping workshops, a monthly email subscription to the Diablo Bee newsletter (including seasonal hive-management tips so you can follow along with an expert) from January to October, invitations to participate in beekeeping events, and the opportunity to meet and learn from other beekeepers in the MDBA. Monthly meetings are open to the public and feature a speaker addressing topics from practical beekeeping to research discoveries related to honeybees. Meetings begin with Bee-Chat, our popular Q&A program. Members may borrow books from the MDBA library and rent the club’s honey extractor and other equipment. At the MDBA Gala BBQ dinner in October, members honor the Beekeeper of the Year. The club meets the second Thursday of the month from January to October at the Pleasant Hill Community Center from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Coffee and lemonade served. Please bring a snack to share. Students 18 years and under are free (non-voting) and need to attend a meeting to join.

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MDBA Mentor Program

Welcome to the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association Mentoring page! We have many experienced members who are willing to help our member “newbees” get started or become better beekeepers. If you check your MDBA roster, there will be a designation next to the name of those members who have volunteered as mentors.

We have also chosen some online resources, magazines, PDFs and books that may help beginners along their path to successful beekeeping.

So . . . keep learning, ask your questions and share your knowledge. And of course . . .


Some Basic Guidelines for Mentees & Mentors


Buy a book, borrow a book from a friend or the MDBA library, look at beekeeping websites, and subscribe to a beekeeping magazine.
Every Saturday following a General Meeting a mini bee workshop will be held for members to gather hands-on experience and ask questions in the field. Observing and working with other hives is an invaluable experience.
A mentor can help you better if you call things by the correct name.
Every beekeeper has their own way of keeping bees. Find a mentor or mentors that work in a way that makes sense to you. 10 beekeepers will have 20 ways to do the same thing. Choose which way is right for you OR step outside the box and try something new.
Please remember we are all in this beekeeping adventure together. Mentors may make mistakes or not always have an answer for you. Be kind and respectful. You are ultimately responsible for your actions.


Let the mentee know if you don’t have the time or knowledge to help them at the moment. Refer them to another mentor or resource
Let them know what works for you or other methods you’ve tried or heard of
You were once a beginner, too

Equipment Rental

MDBA has honey extracting equipment available to members. Extractors are electric and rental includes hot knife and capping pan.

FEES: $10.00 for the 1st day and $5.00 for days 2 – 5. After 5 days the fee is $10.00 per day.

For more information contact Lois Kail at